Yo-yo dieting or yo-yo effect of dieting is the cyclic loss and gain of weight like the to and fro moment of a yo-yo. It is also called as weight cycling as there is phase of weight loss followed by gain and this repeats in a cyclic fashion.

Both genders are victims of this diet pattern, with females contributing a higher percentage.After a period of weight loss, the patient feels satisfied and indulges in unhealthy eating or binging habits. This causes gain in weight again and this guilt starts a new dieting phase! Inability to maintain the weight loss leads to this vicious cycle.

Human psychology plays a major role in food habits. Initially, a person experiences joy over controlling upon various temptations and following a healthy diet. Over time, however, the restriction causes self- pity, depression or frustrations. This makes it difficult to limit the food to avoid and at times peer pressure, society and body perception makes the person pounce upon the calorie-rich diet, causing a sharp increase in weight.

Crash diet is not a substitute for exercising and maintaining a good lifestyle. In fact, this type of food deprivation leads to loss of both muscle and body fat and the starvation makes the patient feel justified for binging and that causes an increase in only fat induced weight gain. Thus the body loses good muscle and water which makes it prone to deficiencies. This cycle alters the body’s fat-to-muscle ratio, which is vital for good health.

Crash dieting does more harm than good to the body. Following are some of its negative effects:

Remember short term unscientific diets can damage your health. It increases the percentage of body fat at the cost of muscle mass and strength. Making long term lifestyle changes works wonders and keeps the body fit and energetic. Well planned diet and exercise plan with experts is not only for celebrities flaunting off six packs and zero figure, but it is for one and all. Stay fit ,stay happy!