Sometimes the thought of having Hypertension or High Blood pressure problem be it, self or someone close can itself raise the blood pressure. ‘Human body’ is a masterpiece, and its functioning is also very artistic. At times there will be clear symptoms related to the disorder and at some no signal at all. Hypertension is also one condition where only proper monitoring can detect its presence.

With a rising number of cases, it is important to keep oneself updated, so timely advice and measures can bring a huge change.

Blood pressure is expressed by two measurements.



Written as Systolic/ Diastolic .E.g. 120/80

For most adults, normal blood pressure at rest is within the range of :

*Systolic: 100–130 millimeters mercury (mmHg)

*Diastolic: 60–80 millimeters mercury (mmHg)

There are many myths about high blood pressure and also about the ways to control it. If there is a detection of high blood pressure, the most essential point to remember is to consult your physician and not make assumptions or advice given by laymen the main treatment method. Untreated, it can cause stroke, coronary artery disease, vision problems, coronary disease, kidney damage and even death.

So come let’s bust some myths!

*High blood pressure is an old age disease.

Truth: Hypertension is not just an old age problem anymore. More and more young people are suffering from high blood pressure related ailments.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure affects every third person above the age of 18.

*Women are less likely to get hypertension than men.

Truth: Both sexes are at risk of developing hypertension . In India, 23.10 % men and 22.60 % women above 25 years suffer from hypertension.

*If I Had High Blood Pressure I Would Get Headaches.

Truth: Hypertension is a ‘silent killer’ which has no real indicators and can strike at any moment. There are no symptoms most of the time. High blood pressure in most cases is established during a visit to the doctor.

*A Single High Blood Pressure Reading Means I Have Hypertension.

Truth: Normally, your blood pressure varies throughout the day. It decreases as you sleep and rises when you wake up. Blood pressure also rises when you’re nervous, excited or active. Hence, a single reading of high blood pressure is not the basis for diagnosing hypertension.

In order to diagnose you with high blood pressure you should have   persistently high readings over time. Likewise, one normal reading doesn’t mean you don’t have high blood pressure.

*Hypertension Can’t Be Prevented If I’m In High-Risk Category.

Truth :Even if hypertension runs in your family you can take certain preventive measures to keep high blood pressure at arm’s length with lifestyle, dietary changes and regular exercise.

 *It Is Okay If Only One Of The Blood Pressure Parameters Is High.

Truth: Our heart can tolerate occasional increases in systolic blood pressure compared to diastolic pressure. Consistently high diastolic pressure can lead to health problems. However, high systolic pressure is of concern in people above the age of 50. Hence it is advisable to take action if either of your blood pressure readings is consistently high.

*My Salt Intake Is Under Control Because I Don’t Use Much Salt In My Cooking.

Truth: Controlling salt intake means more than not using salt in your cooking. You have to consider the hidden salt present in pickles, papads, biscuits, processed foods and bakery eatables too.

*If My Blood Pressure Readings Were Fine The Last Time, I Can Skip The Medication.

Truth: It is best that your doctor makes the changes in the dosages and drugs as you may not be updated enough to make decisions about your medications for hypertension.

Come let’s break the myths, spread knowledge and weigh good health more than sedentary lifestyle!

Remember to take good care of your heart as it takes care of your entire body. Please give it the attention it rightly deserves!