Has your burping or flatulence embarrassed you in a crowd? Well then you are not alone, a whopping 76% of the population experience the discomfort of suppressing or if not possible then burping aloud in public! Most healthcare providers themselves felt this and so a lot of research was done to prevent this instead of apologizing for the noisy belching with red cheeks!

Gastric or stomach troubles can be disturbing and may occupy your mind all the time. It can range from burps, flatulence, heartburn, stomach pain to cramps.Belching or burping  is the most frequently experienced stomach problem. It is the act of expelling stomach air from mouth. When the stomach is distended due to too much food and air, burping occurs to allow the release of air.

There are various reasons that gastric trouble originates from, most common ones are incorrect eating habits, lack of exercise and disorders of the digestive system.

A proper assessment is required to find the main cause behind it. Sometimes investigations such as Ultrasound, CT, MRI scans are necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment. For its cure a wide variety of medicines – prescribed and over the counter, home remedies, to do list by everyone around, videos on social media etc. is available! When it comes to stomach problems, each person you share your story with becomes a doctor! The need for research-based approach is hence essential.

Exercise is the best medicine for gastric troubles: a good long walk or a brisk jog aids to deflate stomach. 30-35 minutes of exercise like simple walking, biking or working on cross trainer comprises ‘cardio’ category of exercise and it works wonders to help digestion and relieve the symptoms. Abdominal Exercises also assist in working out of proper digestion and keep the muscles that help it fit.

Diet Modifications: Certain types of food intolerance are prevalent and most people are unaware of having it. If gastric troubles occur often it is best to get these intolerances tested. In general, some food items are associated with producing more gas such as potatoes, pasta, corn, and products that contain wheat, dairy, Beans, cabbage, etc. A proper portion of these items in the diet is necessary as completely avoiding it causes certain deficiencies.

Preventing constipation is also the key to reducing the formation of gases. Proper hydration and intake of fibre rich product, chewing food properly, and taking small frequent meals are some ways to curb it.

Yoga has proved to give excellent results to treat and prevent gastric issues. Regularly done Yoga for 10-15 minutes reduces 48% symptoms and prevents recurrence. Following poses are useful:


* Bhujangasana

* Paschimottanasana


* Uttana Shishosana

* Makrasana

* Vajrasan

* Balasana

 Kapalbhati and Nadi Shodhan  Pranayam have also shown good results.

Stress Management: Anxiety and stress have become inevitable in today’s time. Right from exams to social presence, office responsibilities to financial pressure everything bothers our peace of mind. A strong correlation has been found with high levels of stress and prevalence of gastric problems. Managing stress through lifestyle modification, relaxation techniques, pranayama, yoga, exercises, meditation not only saves the burden of popping those ‘anti-stress’ pills but also reboots body positively.

Experts physiotherapists are well versed with all these methods and a properly planned rehabilitation cures gastric troubles; the easy and permanent way.