Back pain is one of the most fear-inducing problems faced by people. It was earlier commonly experienced after 50-60 years of age, but due to our lifestyle changes, even teenagers are a victim of it. There are various sub-types of back pain like mechanical, inflammatory, traumatic, etc. and knowing which category your pain falls is a must to avoid worsening of the condition. Social media is full of untested methods that guarantee result without even a proper examination. The tag “This cures all types of pain” is very luring and sadly most people fall trap to it and skip the essential part of examination which causes deterioration of the condition in later stages.

It is very essential to trace out the cause of pain instead of just opting for pain relief.

Physiotherapy has a major role in the assessment and treatment of back pain. Human back is designed to provide a significant amount of strength, protect the extremely sensitive spinal cord and nerve roots, at the same time allow flexibility and mobility to carry out routine tasks easily. Hence the proper pain-free functioning of the back is absolutely must to lead a hassle-free life.

All it takes is one step towards Good Health!When it comes to your pains and aches taking professional help will not only help to address the main cause but also to prevent recurrences.